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When to Move from Assisted Living to Memory Care

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A senior woman suffering from back pain is sitting at the side of her bed having a hard time standing.

Deciding to transfer a loved one from assisted living into memory care is never easy, but sometimes it becomes necessary due to changes in behavior or physical abilities caused by Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, or other forms of cognitive decline.

We can help you understand why and when to transfer your loved ones from assisted living to memory care and how to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

What Is Assisted Living? 

Assisted living can provide a welcoming and comforting environment for seniors who desire a harmonious balance between maintaining their independence and receiving personalized care and support.

In these facilities, seniors live in cozy, apartment-style homes with private rooms, bathrooms, and kitchenettes. They also have access to inviting communal spaces to connect and socialize with fellow residents. Many daily activities are offered to promote overall well-being, ranging from energizing fitness classes to inspiring art workshops and delightful music appreciation courses.

Ultimately, assisted living combines the best of both worlds, allowing seniors to thrive independently while accessing tailored health services and a nurturing community.

Brooklyn Pointe’s Assisted Living offers your loved ones the assistance they require to continue pursuing their passions. Whether they’re tending to flowerbeds in our delightful greenhouse or socializing with friends and family in one of our lounge rooms, we provide extensive support for everyday needs while giving them autonomy over daily decisions.

What Is Memory Care? 

Memory care is designed for individuals with cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia who require a specialized care than what is available in assisted living facilities.

Memory care facilities provide 24-hour supervision with specially trained staff members who understand how these conditions impact residents’ lives. Memory care aims to keep residents safe while providing engaging activities that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Memory care can provide dedicated services that allow residents living with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and other forms of cognitive decline to experience warmth and emotional support. Our goal is to make your loved one’s daily life enjoyable.

Our comprehensive approach ensures we support all areas of your loved one’s life. From our 24-hour emergency medical care to restaurant-style dining, organized activities, and more, you can trust us to provide a great experience. We offer physical and occupational therapy services and scheduled transportation services so they’ll always have access to what they need when it matters most.

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When Is It Time To Move? 

It can be difficult to know when the time comes for your loved one to move from assisted living into memory care. The decision should ultimately be based on the individual’s needs. If they require more intensive medical or personal assistance than what’s offered in assisted living, then it may be time for them to move into a memory care community.

If your loved one has difficulty performing daily tasks such as bathing or dressing or has become increasingly disoriented or confused, they may benefit from moving into a memory care setting where they will receive around-the-clock supervision and personalized attention from skilled caregivers who understand how dementia impacts their daily lives.  

Memory Care Services at Brooklyn Pointe

Our memory care services allow your loved one to enjoy every day of their life with peace of mind. Our environment is home for comfort and security, which helps to create a sense of belonging.

We make daily living simple and exciting at Brooklyn Pointe Assisted Living & Memory Care. From joyful activities that inspire the mind to pathways designed to rev the soul, our services can stimulate a healthy lifestyle.

When you recognize signs that it’s time to transfer your loved one into memory care, we can provide personalized guidance every step of the way tailored to their needs.

For individualized attention and expert care in a vibrant community atmosphere, let us welcome them into our warm and caring embrace.  Don’t wait—schedule a visit at Brooklyn Pointe Assisted Living & Memory Care today.

Written by Angela Clark

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