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7 Ways to Help When Aging Parents Expect Too Much

A mother and her daughter sitting and talking to each other

As our parents age, they naturally need more assistance and support from their loved ones. However, these expectations can sometimes become overwhelming, leaving us feeling frustrated, guilty, and unsure of how to proceed.  If you are in this situation, know you’re not alone. It’s important to consider these 7 practical ways to help when aging […]

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Do Nursing Homes Provide Transportation to Doctor’s Appointments?

A senior woman holding a senior man's hand and arm, supporting him as he steps into a van

A senior living community or nursing home offers many essential services to support your loved one. However, many residents still require other services to meet their unique physical, mental, emotional, and social needs. Senior living communities provide exceptional support, but even the best in-house care cannot replace the doctor’s expertise—their knowledge can help inform your […]

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Personal Care for Seniors: Keeping Loved Ones Healthy

A happy senior couple holding each other closely.

Aging can make it physically difficult for older adults to perform basic personal care tasks such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.  Providing thoughtful and comprehensive personal care becomes increasingly important. It’s a way to ensure their well-being and happiness during the golden years of their lives. Aspects of personal care to keep in mind when […]

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Seniors and Low Appetite: How to Increase Appetite

A senior woman against a black background showing no excitement about having soup.

Seniors often experience a decrease in appetite as they age, which can lead to a variety of health issues.  Low appetite can be caused by a number of factors, including physical and mental health issues, medications, and lifestyle changes. Many senior living communities offer services, such as physical activities and healthy diets, that can help […]

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